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The Gijinka Trainers of Sinnoh
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:bulletred: If you see a signature or a watermark, please do not remove it!

:bulletred: If you would like to post my art on any other social networking site, please source the art back to my deviantART page or my Tumblr page, which can be found here!

:bulletred: Requests, art trades, collaborations and gifts are for friends only! Please do not send me requests because they will be ignored.

:bulletred: Commissions are open! However, I won't be accepting dA points, as I need real money to do real things with. Check my commissions page on my Tumblr for information!

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i just :iconjustwhyplz:


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• Be patient. I have other, real world obligations to attend to, so don't expect it to be done lickety split.

• I do draw OCs and fan characters (believe it or not, there's quite a difference between the two).

• I will draw you porn over my dead body. (⊙‿⊙) ~♥


:bulletred: Sketch - 1 point

:bulletorange: Sharpie / Traditionally colored - 2 points

:bulletyellow: Digital lineart - 5 points

:bulletgreen: Digitally colored - 7 points

:bulletblue: Digitally colored & animated - 10 points

:bulletpurple: Adoptable - 5 points

Waiting List

:iconpcchamp053: Diana & Mako family picture (digitally colored), Keldeo (adoptable)

:icontwinsinner: His OC, Aries.… (digitally colored)

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United States


:iconpokeinstitute: :iconpokeroyalkingdom: :icontohaku-region:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Fall Out Boy, "Centuries
  • Drinking: Tea

Tagged by: CaptainJackdaw

Name Kate
Will you answer all questions truthfully Why the hell not
Are you single No
Are you happy Once in a blue moon
Are you bored Yes
Are you sad 48% of the time
Are you Italian Nah
Are you German Partially
Are you Asian No
Are you angry The other 48% of the time
Are you Irish Partially
Are your parents still married Nope

Birth Place Amarillo, Texas
Hair Color Auburn, though the red has faded considerably since my childhood
Eye color Hazel according to my driver's license but???? idk I'd say they're brown
Birthday May 30th
Mood Gay
Gender Female
Lefty or Righty Lefty
Summer or winter I dislike being cold so?? Summer
Morning or afternoon Morning

Are you in love Hell yeah
Do you believe in love at first sight Infatuation at first sight? Yes. Love at first sight? No.
Who ended your last relationship This is my first relationship so
Have you ever been hurt Too many times to count
Have you ever broken someone's heart Probably
Are you friends with your ex Never had one
Are you afraid of commitment Yes
Have you hugged someone within the last week? My mom and my boyfriend
Have you ever had a secret admirer Yes but they didn't keep it a secret
Have you ever broken your own heart? Ye

Love or lust Both are good but love trumps lust by far
Lemonade or iced tea Lemonade
Cats or Dogs Both but cats like me better??
A few best friends or many regular friends A few best friends
Television or internet Both but I'm on the internet more
Pepsi or Coke Coke
Wild night out or romantic night in In
Day or night Night
IM or Phone I use both so??????

Been caught sneaking out No
Fallen off the stairs Yes
White water rafted Nope
Finished an entire jawbreaker I hate candy so?? Obviously no
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? Yesssss
Prank called a store Nah
Skipped school Hell yeah but its always been for medical reasons
Wanted to disappear Oh lemme tell ya

Smile or eyes Eyes
Light or dark hair Light
Fat or skinny Fat
Shorter or Taller ? I like being tall but I also like to feel small when my s/o hugs me so?? We'll never know
Intelligence or Attraction Intelligence
Jock or Nerd you ever see a nerd get bitches??????? REAL bitches??????????
Hook-up or Relationship Both but since I've never hooked up with anybody I have to say relationship
Funny and poor OR rich and serious Who needs laughter when you've got fat stacks

Last Phone Call My mom
Last phone call you received Still my mom
Last person you hung out with My boyfriend
Last thing you ate Honey Bun and PB&J
Last thing you drank Sweet tea
Last site you went to Youtube
Last place you were School eeeeeeeeeew

Are you in a committed relationship Ye
When was your last relationship This is the only relationship I've ever been apart of so?? We've been together for 3 years
Have you ever loved a guy/girl more than anything else in the world? Yeah
Do you still love them Hella
Do you like someone right now You betcha

Do you and your family get along Absolutely fuckin not
Would you say you have a "messed up life" Kinda
Have you ever run away from home No
Have you ever gotten kicked out If you mean evicted, ye, but if not then no
If so, how long Until we got our next house?????

Do you secretly hate one of your friends Oh hell yeah
Do you consider all of your friends good friends HELL no
Who are/is your best friend(s) CaptainJackdaw, Vindictive-Corpse, and ssjryuminoru and cheshire-dragon are pretty kickass friends too
Would you die for them Hell yeah I would I'll ascend to a higher plane right now
Who knows everything about you ????????????????????????????????????????

I won't tag anybody cause most everyone has done it by now :U

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Happy birthday, girl! Hope you have a good one~
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Also, I noticed you were promoted to creator. Does this mean Xander is gone 5ever? ;;
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