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:bulletred: If you see a signature or a watermark, please do not remove it!

:bulletred: If you would like to post my art on any other social networking site, please source the art back to my deviantART page or my Tumblr page, which can be found here!

:bulletred: Requests, art trades, collaborations and gifts are for friends only! Please do not send me requests because they will be ignored.

:bulletred: Commissions are open! However, I won't be accepting dA points, as I need real money to do real things with. Check my commissions page on my Tumblr for information!

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deviation in storage by Synnesai
deviation in storage by Synnesai
i just :iconjustwhyplz:


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• Be patient. I have other, real world obligations to attend to, so don't expect it to be done lickety split.

• I do draw OCs and fan characters (believe it or not, there's quite a difference between the two).

• I will draw you porn over my dead body. (⊙‿⊙) ~♥


:bulletred: Sketch - 1 point

:bulletorange: Sharpie / Traditionally colored - 2 points

:bulletyellow: Digital lineart - 5 points

:bulletgreen: Digitally colored - 7 points

:bulletblue: Digitally colored & animated - 10 points

:bulletpurple: Adoptable - 5 points

Waiting List

:iconpcchamp053: Diana & Mako family picture (digitally colored), Keldeo (adoptable)

:icontwinsinner: His OC, Aries.… (digitally colored)

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
hi i'm kate and i'm hotter than you


:iconpokeinstitute: :iconpokeroyalkingdom: :icontohaku-region:

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Nicki Minaj, "Pound the Alarm"
  • Reading: Codename: Sailor V

The Beginning

When I first heard about dA, I was 10 years old. My friend and I were very into Pokémon at the time, seeing as Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald were new, exciting games. I noticed one day when we were hanging out at my grandmother's house that she had some very interesting pictures that I'd never seen before (we drew from tracing on the window when the sun was out), and she told me that they came from this site. Less than a year later, when I was 11, I joined dA as thephantompowerpunk using my mom's birthday and name. I had just gotten back into the Powerpuff Girls after so many years, and for a while, it was all I could (or would) draw.

Me Stalking Brick by thephantompowerpunkPPNKG TV Invasion by thephantompowerpunkBrat Avatar by thephantompowerpunk

After I realized that nobody was paying any attention to me on dA, I got frustrated and gave up for a while. That's when it hit me. I needed to restart, under a new name. That was when I abandoned my old account and rejoined dA as K8Puff. Judging just from the name, you can tell I still hadn't given up drawing Powerpuff girls. But it was during this time that I also started experimenting with drawing in a manga style, thanks to a book called How to Draw Manga by Christopher Hart. I ended up buying all of his books because I wanted to emulate the style of the animes and mangas I was consuming.

Berserk by K8Puff A Hopeful Beginning by K8Puff Brute by K8Puff

Unsurprisingly, I got the exact same results the next go round. No one paid attention to me, and I got frustrated yet again. Third time had to be a charm, right? I dumped that account and remade one more time. It was less than a year after K8Puff that I joined as Kaii-san. I had learned a lot from artists who used Sharpie markers to color, and I was inspired to dedicate more of my time to coloring. I was also obsessed with trying to create my own style and make a trademark that screamed "me". This was also around the time I discovered roleplaying. I RPed with a girl over dA about Regular Show, and it sparked a love of RPing in me. I also started watching more anime like Hetalia.

Worse Things by Kaii-san A Conversation With Feliciano by Kaii-san Contest Entry: June by Kaii-san

I got much better results that time around. More people started to like my work, and I started expanding my artistic views. I was excited to have people like my work, but unfortunately, as I grew older, I realized that "Kaii-san" was not necessarily the most mature of names to trademark myself finally, at 14, I decided to remake my dA account one last time. I rejoined as Zatsy.

APH: Ivan Doodle by Zatsy Heartfelt Hug by Zatsy APH: ur capital iz warsaw nao by Zatsy Vocaloid: So Afraid to Love by Zatsy


After submitting some of my doodles from school, I stumbled upon a roleplaying group called HetaNation-United. Excited to find people who had similar interests as me, I signed up as Wy, and I instantly loved it. I was also experimenting with my style at the time. I wanted to find a harmony between anime style and cartoon style. Needless to say, I failed. Horribly. But it was around this time that I met some of my very best friends, who I am still close with to this day: niklnip, XxInfinityxXxBoundxX, and Little-Frenchie.

APH: Wy's Lookin' At Chu by Zatsy APH: Tender Moment by Zatsy APH: Dat Flapper Girl by Zatsy  APH: Posing for the Camera by Zatsy


However, all was not well in HetaNation-United. Slowly, the group fell apart and the founder of the group deleted her account. Now, I had to find another group to go to. I was still insanely into roleplay, and I needed an outlet. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait very long. I stumbled upon the group PokeInstitute. It appealed to the Pokémon nerd inside me as well as my urge to create characters. While I was initially very shy, I ended up making lots of friends!

PokeInstitute Application by Zatsy PI: That Whismur, Casually Hipstering by Zatsy PI: Dem Pals by Zatsy  Congrats Cheru-Hime Part 1 by Zatsy

The longer I stayed in PI, the more I seemed to improve in my art. After I took Diana, my first character, out of PI, I had another character, one who is still in the group: Phoebe, or at the time, BeBe, and soon after, Vy.

PI: The Handsome Ghost by Zatsy PI: Extinguished Light by Zatsy PI: Hey Lil Mama by Zatsy PI: We Watch With Wounded Eyes by Zatsy

Present Day

Now, 5 years after my journey began, I'm here. I'm still in PokeInstitute, but I've also joined other groups as well, such as PokeRoyalKingdom, and I've also made efforts into doing my own personal projects.

PI: Hottie with a Body by Zatsy Your Future Ruler by Zatsy SM: Really Guys by ZatsyCountry Song by Zatsy

I don't plan to leave dA anytime soon. I am so grateful for the friends I've made and all the improvement I've gone through.

Memorable Groups


Friends that I'm glad to know and love dearly thanks to this site

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