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:bulletred: If you see a signature or a watermark, please do not remove it!

:bulletred: If you would like to post my art on any other social networking site, please source the art back to my deviantART page or my Tumblr page, which can be found here!

:bulletred: Requests, art trades, collaborations and gifts are for friends only! Please do not send me requests because they will be ignored.

:bulletred: Commissions are open! However, I won't be accepting dA points, as I need real money to do real things with. Check my commissions page on my Tumblr for information!

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i just :iconjustwhyplz:


Zatsy has started a donation pool!
14 / 2,000

• Be patient. I have other, real world obligations to attend to, so don't expect it to be done lickety split.

• I do draw OCs and fan characters (believe it or not, there's quite a difference between the two).

• I will draw you porn over my dead body. (⊙‿⊙) ~♥


:bulletred: Sketch - 1 point

:bulletorange: Sharpie / Traditionally colored - 2 points

:bulletyellow: Digital lineart - 5 points

:bulletgreen: Digitally colored - 7 points

:bulletblue: Digitally colored & animated - 10 points

:bulletpurple: Adoptable - 5 points

Waiting List

:iconpcchamp053: Diana & Mako family picture (digitally colored), Keldeo (adoptable)

:icontwinsinner: His OC, Aries.… (digitally colored)

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E-R: Penelope the Audino by Zatsy
E-R: Penelope the Audino

Name: Penelope

Species: Audino

Gender: Female

Trainer: Madeline Redd

Nature: Gentle

Characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas

Class: Regular

Ability: Healer (Sometimes heals an ally's status condition)


:iconnormaltypeplz:Pound / 40 PW / 100 ACC / 35 PP

:iconfairytypeplz:Baby-Doll Eyes / 0 PW / 100 ACC / 30 PP

:iconfairytypeplz:Play Nice / 0 PW / 100 ACC / 20 PP

:iconfairytypeplz:Draining Kiss (Bred) / 50 PW / 100 ACC / 10 PP


:bulletpink: She loves Magost berries.

:bulletwhite: She is not very adept at battling but with practice she could become a real contender!

E-R: Madeline Redd by Zatsy
E-R: Madeline Redd

My friend cheshire-dragon told me about this group, and it seemed pretty interesting! I hope it'll be fun~

Name: Madeline Nicole Redd

Nicknames: Maddie (given to her by close friends)

Age: 17

Birthday: January 4


Height: 5’4”

Weight: 121 lbs


Relationship Status: Single

Sexuality: Demisexual (will only engage in romantic relationships after a meaningful connection is made, gender has no affect on romantic attraction)


[Bold] [Calm] [Patient] [Protective] [Lax]

Madeline, overall, is a relatively relaxed person. It takes quite a bit to get her upset, and she does her best to keep her perspective positive. She is incredibly patient with both people and Pokémon, a trait she picked up after years of taking care of her younger siblings. She is also very bold—Madeline likes to get straight to the point. It’s often that she is accused of being insensitive when she is trying to be truthful. Still, these accusations don’t seem to faze her. It is only when her siblings, friends, or Pokémon are in jeopardy that her relaxed personality drops. She can easily adopt a mother bear sort of mentality and will become aggressive towards anything that threatens those she cares for. Once the danger is gone, however, she will return to her chilled out state. It has been said that sometimes Madeline can be too relaxed at times, to the point that people view her as lazy or apathetic. This isn’t the case, however. Madeline merely has a very proactive paradigm. She is relatively friendly with those she meets, tending to give people the benefit of the doubt.


Madeline is the eldest of 5 siblings, most of which are brothers. Growing up, she learned to play much like the boys. She was a rambunctious child, always acting as the ringleader for her younger siblings’ antics. While this got her scolded frequently, it didn’t stop her from being an active part in her siblings’ lives. It was clear that the younger children of the Redd family looked up to Madeline—many would mirror her mannerisms or parrot information they had heard from her. As she grew into school, Madeline was a fairly well-liked student, even if she wasn’t necessarily the brightest. She made an active effort to be friendly towards all students, even those who tried to bully her. It was hard to dislike Madeline.

Mr. and Mrs. Redd, on the other hand, found themselves worn thin by the abundance of children. It was two against five. As Madeline got older, more chores began to fall to her, including babysitting her younger siblings. It was rare that she had time to herself. Though she loved her siblings, she began to feel some of the pressure her parents were feeling, and she began to beg them for someone else to help take care of the younger children. When Madeline turned 10, her parents finally gave into her wishes and gave her an Audino as a birthday gift. She and the Audino, whom she had dubbed Penelope, made fast friends as they struggled to watch after all of her younger siblings.

As Madeline budded into her teen years, a fraction of the responsibility lifted from her shoulders as her eldest brother began to pick up some slack. For the first time in many years, Madeline had some time to spend as she wished. To fill the empty slot of time, she began to take Penelope out to the tall grass outside of town and strengthen her. Unfortunately, Penelope was never intended to be a battle contestant, and therefore, it was a struggle to defeat the wild Pokémon.

Still, Madeline refused to give up. She had plans to leave home someday and explore the Ecosta region, a dream she’d had since early childhood. Slowly but surely, the Audino began to level up, becoming stronger and stronger. When Madeline turned 17, she tentatively asked her parents if they would be okay with her going off on her own adventure. To her surprise, her parents jumped at the idea, practically shoving supplies at her. With her family’s warmest regards, Madeline and Penelope finally set off on their first journey together.


:bulletred: She has an affinity for young Pokémon, as they remind her of her siblings.

:bulletblack: Her voice actor is Lauren Mayberry, lead singer of CHVRCHES.

:bulletred: Her favorite food is strawberry roll cake, and her favorite beverage is cherry cola.

:bulletblack: Penelope the Audino

Fun in the Sun by Zatsy
Fun in the Sun
man it has been forever since i drew Abel............
but yeah every summer Diana and Abel get together and do fun stuff at the beach (most of the time they bring a couple of friends, aka Aydan)


Zatsy's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States


:iconpokeroyalkingdom: :icontohaku-region: :iconpokemonbiome:
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Sergei Rachimanoff, "Vocalise op. 34 no. 14"
Hello everyone! I don't usually advertise myself on dA, but I have been applying for jobs without much success. Though I am not about to give up my job hunt, I am in need of some money to pay for things like food, bills, and Christmas gifts, so I am opening up some cheap commissions!

Table of Contents

Please use Ctrl + F for your convenience!
  • Chibis
  • Busts
  • Torso Shot
  • Full Body
  • FAQ


Lineart: $1.50

Flat Color: $2.25

Full Color: $3.00

+Additional characters: $1.00 each
+Background: $0.25


Lineart: $4.50

Flat Color: $5.00

Full Color: $7.00

+Background: $0.50

Torso Shot

Lineart: $7.50

Flat Color: $8.00

Full Color: $10.00

+Additional characters: $1.75 each
+Background: $1.00

Full Body

Lineart: $10.50

Flat Color: $13.25

Full Color: $15.00

+Additional characters: $3.00 each
+Background: $3.00


    • How do I contact you?
    You can contact me at Though I generally prefer that you e-mail me with your request so I can keep track of it easier, I will also allow contact through my dA notes.
    • So, if you'll take my commission(s) via dA note, does that mean I can pay you in points?
    No. dA points cannot be converted into actual currency I can use to buy my essentials, so at the moment, I will only accept money through Paypal. I would prefer to be paid in USD, but for my friends who do not live in the U.S., I will be more than happy to work out the conversion for you!
    • Your prices are outrageous! Is there any way we can make a deal?
    Sorry, but I refuse to haggle prices. I believe I have made my art rather inexpensive in proportion to the amount of work I put into each individual piece. If you find my prices too expensive, then perhaps you could downgrade your request or find a different artist.
    • Is there anything that you will not draw?
    Yes! I will not draw NSFW content (i.e. sexual themes, etc.), mech (i.e. robots, extremely detailed armor, etc.), or extreme gore (i.e. mutilation, blood and guts everywhere, etc.). Bear in mind I am not yet a legal adult and still live with my family, so suggestive content could be risky for my business. If you have an inquiry about whether your request(s) is/are too suggestive, please contact me about it.
    • So, do I pay you before or after my piece(s) is/are complete?
    I would prefer that you pay me in advance, as I have noticed scam artists will ask for a piece(s) and then refuse to pay for it/them after its'/their completion. I would like to avoid this, so if at all possible, please pay me in advance!
    • How will I get my piece(s)? Can I upload it/them to social media such as Tumblr, deviantART, Twitter, etc.?
    Upon completion, I will e-mail you your finished commission(s), and by all means, please upload it to any social media site you like! However, I would like to ask that you do not claim the artwork as your own or edit out anything (I will begin putting faint watermarks or signatures on your piece to prevent theft). I work hard to make sure that your piece(s) are high quality, and I would like to get the recognition I deserve.
    • This isn't what I wanted it to look like at all! I want a refund!
    If you find your piece(s) to be unsatisfactory, then I deeply apologize, but I do not do refunds for completed pieces. What I offer is not just a product, but my time, energy, and effort, and sadly, money cannot buy back any of those things.
    • Will you draw my OC(s)?
    Of course! All I ask is for a reference of your character(s). I will accept either a visual reference or a detailed written reference (and I mean detailed, as in a minimum of paragraph describing them).
    • You're taking too long with my piece(s)! Hurry up!
    Please, please, please be patient! I am currently enrolled in 6 college level courses, and my #1 priority is my education. The progress of all pieces, not just yours, will be slow. If you would like to inquire about the progress of your piece(s), then please do not hesitate to contact me!

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