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Hey howdy ho! My name is Kate, and I'm going to be studying art in college soon. In the meantime, you can have OCs. Isn't that wonderful?

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Tagged by king-deer

Here's a fun little questionnaire for those of you that hold multiple ships. Here's what to do:
  • Just answer each question with the name of one or more of your ships or whatever the question asks. xD
  • Tag at least five friends to do this questionnaire too.
It's as simple as that!

1. How many ships do you currently have? (As in how many are currently dating/engaged/married/etc.)
I honest to christ do not have the time. do you realize how many au pairings i have. do you.

2. Can you name all the pairings you have? (give their ship names too if they have one)
Okay let's do this;
  • Phoebe and Ludo
  • Nim and the Takanochi brothers (Katsuo and Mingan)
  • Vy and Denver
  • Diana and Aydan (AU ?)
  • Diana and Bind (Also AU? Diana is my AU ho )
  • Lulu and Koli
  • Mimi and Murdoch (hella complicated, more one sided than anything else)
  • Carlos and Mitzi (complicated but it's working out)
  • Romeo and Lucas
I know I forgot some so hmu if you feel left out

3. Who do you hold these ships with? (Name all the admins)
Vindictive-Corpse, king-deer, cheshire-dragon, ssjryuminoru, Crimson-Panthera, and HaraRester

4. Which pair is the longest relationship?
Phoebe and Ludo. They've been together for like 3 years and are married.

5. Which pair is the newest relationship?
Diana and Bind. Honestly, it came out of me and HaraRester piddling around over Skype, but it could have development potential.

6. Which ship is the most romantic?
Probably Phoebe and Ludo. Their relationship was romantic from the start, and it's always been that way (think of Gomez and Morticia Addams). Nim and the Takanochi brothers are also pretty romantic, and so are Diana and Aydan. To be fair, they're all romantic in their own way, excluding Mimi and Murdoch.

7. Which ship is the most messed up?
Hmm...Carlos and Mitzi are pretty fucked up, but so are Lulu + Koli and Mimi + Murdoch. Phoebe and Ludo are also kind of fucked up in their own special way.

8. Which ship is the cutest?
All of them?????????? I love them all they are all my lovely children

9. Which ship is the most developed?
Phoebe and Ludo, again. They've been through years of development, and their histories are fairly intertwined at this point.

10. Which ship is closest to marriage? 
Phoebe and Ludo are already married, but Diana would like Aydan to hurry up and pop the question. Lulu might marry Koli solely because she refuses to die alone.

11. Do any of the ships currently have children/pregnancy involved?
None yet.

12. Are any of them planning on having kids/trying to get pregnant? If so which one(s)?
My RP partners and I have already planned children for Phoebe + Ludo and Nim + Takanochi brothers. king-deer and I have discussed the possibility of Carlos and Mitzi having children, but that won't be for a while. We've also tossed around the idea of Romeo and Lucas adopting a child. Crimson-Panthera and I are also toying with the notion of Diana maybe getting pregnant, but we're not sure yet.

13. Which pair is the most compatible you think?
Phoebe + Ludo, Nim + Takanochi brothers, and Diana + Aydan. To be fair though, I wouldn't have a ship if the parties involved weren't compatible in some way. Even Mimi + Murdoch share a common goal.

14. Any opposites attract?
Absolutely. For some of my ships, like Diana + Aydan, Diana + Bind, Vy + Denver, and Carlos + Mitzi, it's practically the whole dynamic.

15. Do you have a ship you love most? Why?
I love them all! There are times where I gush over a certain one, but I don't really favor one over the other.

16. Which ship(s) have been intimate?
Since I'm assuming this means physical intimacy, all of them.

17. Got any virgin pairs? (Neither of them has had sex yet)

18. Got any secret ships/crack pairs?
Thousands of them.

19. You wanna tell us?
If I have one with you, you know who you are.

20. Any admins you wish to ship with?

21. Wanna tell us who those admins are?
Did the shrug not reveal my uncertainty

22. Got any favorite ship(s) that are not yours?
Not really?

23. Got any ships that are not ships yet but are gonna be canon soon or in the future? VwV
Not that I'm aware of.

24. Got any girlxgirl/boyxboy ships?
Male homo relationship is Romeo + Lucas and female homo relationship is Vy + Denver. I suppose if you count it as an odd relationship, Nim + Takanochi brothers. Polyamory, yo.

25. Which ship(s) do you think has the hottest couple?
They're all hot in their own way tbh
Anything involving Diana is going to be hot as hell while being super cute because she's a little vixen like that
Phoebe and Ludo are basically the ideal couple so they're pretty hot
Nim and the Takanochi brothers are hot because it's all a learning experience and they're trying to have fun with their relationship while figuring out what's best for them
Romeo and Lucas are like...complicated but super hot???
Carlos + Mitzi and Koli + Lulu are darkly but weirdly hot
and Mimi and Murdoch are hot but not romantic at all so if you're into that kind of thing

Vy and Denver are just cute. Adorable. Lovely

26. List your ships in order from oldest to newest. ^^
Frick you. Uugghh gosh this is gonna be hard;
  1. Phoebe & Ludo
  2. Carlos & Mitzi
  3. Diana & Aydan
  4. Nim & Takanochi brothers
  5. Romeo & Lucas
  6. Lulu & Koli
  7. Mimi & Murdoch
  8. Denver & Vy
  9. Diana & Bind

27. Who do you think will make the cutest babies?
Every single one of them. All of them will have beautiful children

28. Who do you think will make the prettiest bride? (Out of the female OCs you own)
Phoebe was a stunning bride, but I think all of my girls will make pretty brides (excluding Mimi). Lulu, of course, would outshine them all because no one is prettier than her. N o  o n e

29. Who do you think will make the handsomest groom? (Out of the male OCs you own)
Lucas the type of guy to show up to his wedding in one of those t-shirts that have the suit printed on the front

30. Who do you want to get married the most/or who's wedding would you be most excited for?
Diana and Aydan's or Nim and the Takanochi brothers. Cute, happy brides + nervous but excited grooms are my life

Yay! You completed the questionnaire!


ladies, gentlemen, and those outside the gender binary, commissions are open! I usually accept USD, but I'll be more than happy to do a conversion for you. You must be 18 years or older to commission R-18 content!
PMMM: Meduka by Zatsy
PMMM: Meduka
as i fight
she watch me
so i pray never to forget
that being meguca was suffering

seriously, all i draw fanart-wise anymore is Madoka
06262015 Doodle Dump by Zatsy
06262015 Doodle Dump
I haven't really drawn anything good enough to post on dA individually so here's some doodles. Winter seems to be on my mind as it gets hotter

1) Carlos and Mitzi trying to take a decent picture together
2) Vy in her usual semi-pissed off state
3) Lulu is....................disgusted
4) Abel, Diana's brother, in his underwear
5) This was gonna be a two parter that would make up a fashion ad, but all I got was Levi holding an orange
6) Diana and Bind on a stroll together

Carlos and Levi (c) :iconking-deer:
Bind (c) :iconhararester:
Mitzi, Vy, Lulu, Abel, and Diana belong to me

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